Membership in Trail Life USA has youth, young adult, and adult classifications.  Each classification requires that the qualifications relevant to the particular classification and prescribed in these Standards are met.

  • Youth membership is open to all boys at least 5 years old and less than 18 years of age.
  • Young adult membership is open to men and boys who are at least 18 years old yet have not reached their 21st birthday.
  • Adult membership is open to men and women 21 years of age or older

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Trail Life USA CC3C

tenth hour project

Tenth Hour Project is an 8 month discipleship program for young adults.  Students will spend eight months on an epic, life-changing adventure that will radically transform their future.  This short season, spent in community with like-minded believers, and devoted to seeking a deep and authentic relationship with Jesus, will result in a complete change of perspective for your life's true purpose and mission.  We desire that each of our students walk away from this experience with the confidence that, whether you are called to be a pastor or a plumber, God desires to use your life for His glory.

Agents for Christ, Tenth Hour Project